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The COVID-19 crisis is having an overwhelming impact on the economy, and the frequently changing regulations present a complex challenge.

Acumen COVID Notifier uses unique world-class and market-leading technology to help companies prepare and answer the latest regulations.

The Acumen COVID Notifier is designed to support businesses in a fast-moving environment and manage the processes by receiving and handling needed information when most relevant.

Acumen COVID Notifier system provides an end-to-end solution to inform international, national, regional, and sub-regional organizations that need to stay up to date on all the relevant rules and regulations.

Why Acumen COVID Notifier?

Time Saving

As COVID regulations change, many highly qualified employees are busy checking hundreds of websites to comply with the rules daily. Acumen COVID Notifier provides early notifications and an overview of current regulations for each region.The system saves hours of work for highly qualified professionals doing manual labor.


By providing up-to-date data and regulations, Acumen COVID Notifier helps you manage and optimize company operations.

Focus of What is Important

Acumen COVID Notifier focuses attention on the important regulations that businesses need to know. The platform’s customizable nature allows users to set up their regulation feed and follow the essential regulations valid for them. Acumen COVID Notifier allows you to spend more time growing your business instead of fighting to keep it alive.

Early Notifications

Acumen COVID Notifier would send you an immediate notification, whenever regulations are revised.

Subscribe to What Matters!

  • Interactive map with an overview of the applicable federal regulations published online
  • Countries, counties, political districts
  • Notification by email if a regulation published online is changed
  • Possibility to evaluate the company-specific effects and internal distribution according to priorities and relevance



Resources can be freely selected and query freely customized

Preloaded Content

Preloaded COVID-19 relevant resources

24 / 7

24/7 e-mail notification for changes with no search effort

User Management

Create, edit, delete users but also subscribe them for specific updates.

Interactive Map

Interactive map with an overview of the regulations

Internal Ratings

Add important information to each area of interest.

Who is it for?

Management, operational managers, HSSE, legal departments, security managers, BCM and CM managers, compliance, HR

The service is available as a monthly subscription for one, six, or twelve months.