Information Services

Acumen Information Service team has hundreds of years in intelligence experience, with highly skilled and educated analysts posted in six key countries around the world.

  • Chief Information Officer with 30 years intelligence experience in public and private sectors leads Acumen’s team of expert analysts
  • AIS team consists of about a dozen highly skilled intelligence analysts with years of experience
  • Acumen is-allied with world leading academic institutions
  • Analysts are at least tri-lingual in their areas of focus
  • Each analyst specializes in regions of focus monitored continuously
  • Teams monitor social and traditional media sources in addition to data from open-source databases and Acumen’s own intelligence network resources
  • AIS team reviews and monitors hundreds of incidents each day uploaded to the Acumen platform
  • AIS team produces:
    • Assessments and data used in Acumen platform or stand lone reports on country-, regional- and asset-levels
    • Summary and in-depth research reports on areas or events of importance to clients
    • Ongoing monitoring and incident alerts