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Acumen ™ Risk Information Servies

Acumen Information Service team has hundreds of years in intelligence experience, with highly skilled and educated analysts posted in multiple key countries around the world.

Acumen helps monitor risk, generating a common corporate operating picture with real-time insights and alerts to changing and often challenging realities. Acumen enables recommendations and solutions to reduce, avoid, or accept security risks that facilitate decision-making.

Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Real-Time Security Insights Platform

  • 24/7 coverage

  • Open-source intelligence

  • Different information providers

  • Public databases

  • Social media

  • Multiple languages coverage

  • Quick response delivered personally and using Acumen's built-in dissemination module

  • Country level threat assessment based on Acumen's 70+ built in threat scenarios

  • Dedicated threat zones evaluation

  • Up-to-date scores

  • Regular updates of new or growing threats

  • Done directly into the Acumen Platform

Person Analyzing Data
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