The security risk on hundreds of critical facilities in Israel was assessed based on the risk methodology used by Acumen Risk. By doing so, we were able to effectively assess the criticality of the assets, the risk posed to them and to responsibly allocate resources in order to mitigate risks.



Hagai Peleg
Former Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Public Security

We are an international Oil and Gas producer with an upstream, downstream and retail business, operating across Europe, Russia, The Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific. We required a security risk management system to give us oversight of our security risk at group level and to be able to highlight issues down at individual sites. Our experience of Acumen has been extremely positive, we have introduced the system across our entire business and currently have more than 90% coverage of our applicable business assets. The system is simple and intuitive to use, highly flexible and customizable and the Acumen team are extremely supportive. We would recommend any company looking for security threat and risk assessment system to order a trial of Acumen.

We are advising corporations, institutions and governments in developing and implementing security risk strategies. We recommend the Acumen platform as it has proven to uniquely meet the requirements of a threat intelligence led security risk assessment methodology. Dynamics of changing intentions and capabilities of threat actors are considered, assessments are consistent and objective, threat scenarios are developed by experts. The complexity for security that comes with the diversity of the business, asset types and geographic spread of operations is managed inside the platform, so also non- security experts and business management can easily understand and use the platform.
Corporate Security departments will keep oversight and meet governance and regulatory requirements, whereas risk will be managed at local level.
Reports, dashboards and analytics provide insights to appropriate levels of management and the results can be incorporated in an overall company risk register for further developing cost effective security strategies.


Paul Reither, CEO Diamond Advisory
former Group Head Security and Resilience, OMV
former Vice Chair Security Committee, International Oil Gas Producer Association (IOGP)


Operating a large transnational European pipeline system, we saw the need to establish a means of assessing the security risks for various pipeline elements in various locations, check these for unacceptable risk levels and establish adequate and cost effective counter measures were needed. We were looking for a tool, that builds on sound aggregation of the complex set of driving forces and mitigation options, still being flexible to use for case studies and as part of the company’s security management process. We were very satisfied with the potential of the Acumen Security Threat/Risk assessment platform. The installation, training and definition for the various pipeline installations went smooth and was very well supported by the Acumen support team. The tool was successfully used for the envisioned cases studies.


Acumen is a threat and risk assessment platform for assessing, planning and mitigation risk at national, sub-national and corporate levels.


Analytics and Modeling for man-made risk that translates the outputs of Acumen Information Services into a coherent quantitative framework for comprehensive risk management.


Acumen Information Service team has hundreds of years in intelligence experience, with highly skilled and educated analysts posted in six key countries around the world.