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Acumen Risk

Unique World-Class Intelligence and Risk Management Technology

Risk Management Solutions

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Risk Management Platform

Acumen is a threat and risk assessment platform for assessing, planning and mitigation risk at national, sub-national and corporate levels.


Acumen Analytics

Analytics and Modelling for man-made risk that translates the outputs of Acumen Information Services into a coherent quantitative framework for comprehensive risk management.


Information Services

Acumen Information Service team has extensive intelligence experience, with highly skilled and educated analysts posted in six key countries around the world.

Risk Management

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About Acumen Risk

Acumen Risk is a leading provider of risk management solutions for companies facing threats from terrorism, civil unrest, war, and crime. Our team of experts has years of experience in the field and uses unique world-class intelligence and market-leading technology to provide customized solutions that mitigate threats and ensure your business continuity.

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We are advising corporations, institutions and governments in developing and implementing security risk strategies. We recommend the Acumen platform as it has proven to uniquely meet the requirements of a threat intelligence led security risk assessment methodology. Dynamics of changing intentions and The security risk on hundreds of critical facilities in Israel was assessed based on the risk methodology used by Acumen Risk. By doing so, we were able to effectively assess the criticality of the assets, the risk posed to them and to responsibly allocate resources in order to mitigate risks. so also non- security experts and business management can easily understand and use the platform. Corporate Security departments will keep oversight and meet governance and regulatory requirements, whereas risk will be managed at local level. Reports, dashboards and analytics provide insights to appropriate levels of management and the results can be incorporated in an overall company risk register for further developing cost effective security strategies.

Paul Reither, CEO Diamond Advisory

former Group Head Security and Resilience, OMV

former Vice Chair Security Committee, International Oil Gas Producer Association (IOGP)

John Smith

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Acumen Risk

Ha'arbaa 28, Tel Aviv, Israel 6473925

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